The New Aspiring Expat Logo & Twitter

Moving forward and doing some upkeep around here now that I’ve survived COVID-19 (and still recovering).

Today, I’m adding the new Aspiring Expat logo. Can you tell me which country it honors? Poland, of course! I designed it after the colors of the Polish flag. I also changed the background of the home page. (Photo credit follows).

Photo by Denys Rodionenko on Unsplash

I also recently started a Twitter account to go with this blog. Check it out and give a follow. Feel free to get in touch there with questions or just share your expat experience — no matter which country you are from or where you’re headed. I LOVE hearing about everyone else’s travel and expatriation.

Not much has been happening in my world as I’m on my sixth week of recovering from COVID-19 and most of us here in the U.S. are still awaiting a vaccine. Many friends have already received one or both shots, which depends on which state they are living in. We are hoping the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine arrives soon so we can receive the vaccine sooner.

I live in Kansas and we are currently in phase two of the vaccine rollout — not as good as other states. Many friends outside Kansas are doing much better and getting vaccinated much more quickly. I may be able to get the vaccine in phase 3 due to being a “communication worker” who can’t work remotely (due to my TV journalism job — can’t produce TV shows from home). Otherwise, I will be getting my vaccine in phase 4.

Friends in Israel are already vaccinated and enjoying concerts again. Can you imagine!? They are wearing masks to attend concerts, but they are allowed to sit shoulder-to-shoulder. I can’t wait to feel that kind of freedom again.

The slow vaccine rollout and the entire mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic here in the U.S. last year is yet another reason to keep looking for better.

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